How does miscarriage affect mental health of the couple

Though medically common, miscarriage is a tragedy for a woman and her family. Once the mother was supposed to grieve alone over the loss of the baby, but today it is clear that a failed pregnancy matters to other family members as well. After the incident, the husband may start questioning the fertility of his wife and get irritated because of that. Woman’s own family can become overprotective in their turn and insist on making more tests and getting new treatment when the woman is not yet ready to any comments upon what happened. The behavior of the family can depress the woman even more and drive her to hysteria.
There are more scenarios of how the couple can live after a miscarriage. In fact, many husbands are not so sensitive to the loss of an unborn child as their wives. Men can provide a good support to their spouses during hard times. They do not dramatize things and are capable to see the situation in the bright light. They can always try it one more time, and one day they would eventually have children. Even if men do not completely understand the difficulty of their condition, they do not exaggerate what they know. It helps women to regain their mental balance and start again.
Some women cannot recover from miscarriage for years. In the moment of need, they did not get enough support from their family and stood away from therapists. Guilt or inferiority complex may follow these women until they finally decide to leave their grief behind. Many women require the help of therapists to free themselves from the burden of a past reproductive failure.


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