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8 Steps to writing an essay

Most students get the task to write a paper from a professor, then they sit in front of a computer and start writing something. Well, such an approach will hardly lead you to success. The point is, you have to spend some time on preparation, finding new ideas, and brainstorming. What does a good essay need? There are plenty of things to consider when writing an essay. We are going to tell you about all of them.Anyway, if the topic of your essay is too complicated and you have no idea what to write about, you can order essay help. Nowadays, such services are becoming extremely popular. Even students who hardly make ends meet are able to afford an online essay. Our company is a team of professional writers with advanced degrees. On the website, you can just type, “write my essay” in the 24/7 chat and get help right away.Are you still planning to write a paper on your own? Then we have some useful tips for you!

Analyse the question and define key terms

Pretty often, the topic of an essay is a question. For example, “Should plastic be banned?” or “Why is education important?” Before you start writing, you have to make sure that you understand the topic completely and know how to answer the question. Brainstorm for ideas that could be used in your essay and write them down. Try to remember everything you know about the chosen subject and find out how to use this information. Do you know any famous people who have an opinion similar to yours? Have you heard any news related to the topic of the essay? Answering these questions will make your writing process easier. Regardless of the topic of your paper, you have to use specific terms that will show your familiarity with the subject. It is better if you define them before to start working on the assignment. Use a dictionary if needed. Remember, the better you understand the topic, the more professional your essay will look.

Choose the Type of Essay

The complexity of your work highly depends on the type of essay you are going to write. Here are the main ones:

If your professor did not mention the type of paper, you are assigned to write, read about each of them and choose the most appropriate one for your subject. It can be done when you already know the topic of your task. If you are free to choose a topic, select the one that is really interesting for you. It will make the essay writing much more enjoyable.


First of all, you have to come up with your own ideas for the essay. Then, it makes sense to research the topic. Spend some time googling the needed information, making notes, and saving the most interesting online pages. If you are still trying to choose the best topic for essay writing, you can find lots of options on the internet. We would like to suggest you selecting an uncommon topic as it will make your paper stand out among other works. Nevertheless, you must be familiar with the subject of your essay. If you spent plenty of time looking for a good idea for your essay and did not succeed, text us, “write my paper” and get help from professionals. Our experts will choose the latest topic for essay writing for you in less than 1 hour!

Develop a thesis

In other words, decide what your essay is going to be about. There are many ways to create a good thesis statement, but in any case, it should show an issue or an idea that is actual and controversial. This part of an essay can be an uncommon opinion, a cause-and-effect statement, or a policy proposal. Are you wondering how to write a good thesis? The main thing is to tell the reader what to expect from this essay. Writing a thesis statement is one of the most challenging parts of creating a paper. It is always hard to begin something from scratch. That’s why it is better to start with research and find different opinions on your topic. This will be useful also for those who are working on thesis papers. If you are doing such a type of work, you have to create a statement that you can discuss a lot about. And always remember, if you are struggling with writing a thesis, you can buy an essay online for a low price.

Outline your essay

We are talking about the draft of your essay. Before you start creating the paper, you can briefly describe what information is going to be included in each part of it. For example, every paragraph of the main body should consist of only one thought and its evidence. Write your ideas about such things in a few words. When making a draft, you do not need to find the right words and worry about the grammar structures. You are doing it, first of all, for yourself. It is significantly easier to create an essay when you can clearly imagine what it should be like.

Write the essay

Usually, essays are dedicated to some issues such as air pollution or the negative impact of modern technologies on our health. In the essay introduction, you should explain why this is a problem, what are the causes and consequences. In the second paragraph, you can suggest the first solution and explain how it can help. It is recommended to devote the third paragraph to the second alternative solution with examples. Also, you need to give your own opinion about whether these solutions will help and how quickly. In the essay conclusion, you are supposed to rewrite the main statement and summarise all the mentioned facts.It is important to look at the problem from different points of view. For example, if your topic is funding space exploration, look at it in terms of politics, economics, and population. If you do not want to do all these steps and feel tired of completing different assignments, a paper writer can help. Everyone who is working in our paper writing service has several years of experience under his belt. Each member of the team is well-familiar with the structure of all types of essay.

Check Spelling and Grammar

After you have written your essay, it’s important to reread it a couple of times and correct all mistakes. It is a good idea to use special online grammar proofreading and checking tools. They will help you correct typos, get rid of grammatical errors, and improve your text style. Some students write their papers in a hurry and skip this stage which considerably spoils their score. If you have no time for checking your essay, leave it to professionals. Our company offers effective proofreading services that will help you make your paper perfect. You can order it just a few clicks!

Check plagiarism

If you wrote the whole paper on your own, it must be 100% unique. However, an essay often includes the thoughts of some famous people, quotes, or parts of statistical reports. Such things can make your paper less unique. Therefore, it is vital to check the essay by a plagiarism tool before submitting it. One of the most famous and reliable ones is Copyscape, but there are also plenty of other tools like that. Most educational institutions require their students to create papers with at least 70% of uniqueness. If you do not know the needed figure, it makes sense to ask the professor about it. The essays written by our specialists are always 100% unique as we write all papers from scratch. Our specialists have advanced degrees and a lot of experience which allows them to create excellent texts that are worth the highest grade!

Analyze the Question and Define Key Terms

In most cases, your essay topic would be a question that you’d need to answer in the text. Think of the question: do you understand it completely? What is required from you in this assignment? There will more likely be several terms that you’ll need to define to be sure you, your professor, and your readers are on the same ground. Find the common definitions or think of your own if you want to approach the topic from the unusual side. Remember that the perfect understanding of the question is the lion’s share of success so, if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to consult someone before you start writing.

Choose The Type of Essay

Not all essays are the same: you have at least 7 different types to choose from. Narrative Essay. This kind of essay is more similar to a short story than to an academic paper as it requires a theme, a character, and a dialogue. There should be a specific motif or an idea stated in the beginning, and all the following events should revolve around it.Persuasive Essay. It’s easy to guess from its name that the goal of a persuasive essay is to prove your idea to the audience and provide evidence to persuade readers. It doesn’t matter what the topic of such an essay is, you just need to have an opinion on the matter and know how to defend it.Expository Essay. This is the most common and the most structured kind of essay among all seven. In an expository essay, your task is to explain and clarify the idea to the readers so that they understand it clearly. It should contain evidence, your own evaluation of that evidence, and a conclusion.Descriptive Essay. You should very well know what a descriptive essay is if you study literature or other Humanities. The goal of this work is to describe an event, a person, or an object in as many details that the readers can imagine it and get the feeling the author implied in the text.Argumentative Essay. An argumentative essay is a bit similar to a persuasive one though here you need to use evidence and arguments rather your own opinion to prove the point. Compare and Contrast Essay. While most of the essays require that you analyze one subject or an idea, in a compare and contrast one you’ll need to take a look at two subjects or ideas and either compare them to find similarities or contrast to find the differences. Problem Solution Essay. In this kind of essay, you need to describe a problem, prove that the problem exists and is important, and then provide your own solution, dismantling any potential objections on the way.


Sometimes, you are not given a specific topic on your assignment, and you need to come up with your own one that would be interesting enough to work on it and unique enough to be accepted by the school. It’s not possible to research the topic unless you have a topic, so here is how you find one:

  • You can use a popular brainstorming technique and write down whatever comes into your mind to narrow the list down later.
  • You can search for the best topic for essay writing on the internet and see whether there is something that can catch your attention.
  • You can rely this on us, and we’ll find you the best and the latest topic for essay writing. Sometimes, asking someone to write my paper is a better idea than doing everything yourself.

Develop a Thesis

Before you learn how to write a good essay, you need to understand how to write a good thesis first. Despite its name, a thesis statement is included not only in thesis papersbut in essays as well. A thesis statement is the key idea of your essay put into a couple of sentences. To cut it short, writing a thesis statement means giving a clear and short answer to the question you explore in your essay. You state it in the beginning so the reader can understand your position, and then you explain it later in the essay body. Writing a thesis should be easy if you didn’t skip previous stages and now clearly understand what your essay is about.

Outline Your Essay

Before you start actually writing an essay, you need to create a draft — a short structure of a future paper that will make it easier to structure your thoughts. To outline the essay, think how long you want it to be, which points you want to cover, and how many paragraphs you need. Then, divide all the information and arguments you have into logical groups and give them titles — a paper is much easier to navigate when it’s not written as a solid sheet of text.

Write the Essay

When you have a structure and an understanding of what your point is and how you can prove it, writing an essay will be easy as ABC. You start with an essay introduction where you introduce the audience to your idea. Then, you move on to the essay body where you set forth your arguments to prove the idea, and you end this all with an essay conclusion where you repeat the arguments short and ask your readers a question, or propose a solution to the problem, or share a nice quote, depending on the essay type you’ve chosen. Even though the process is not that hard, it can’t be done in an hour. If you have a job to do or just don’t want to spend your time on essays, you can order an essay from a paper writing service. We’ll assign you a professional paper writer who will write whatever essay you need in consideration with your and your school’s demands and requirements.

Check Spelling and Grammar

It’s important for you to know how to use arguments and how to prove your point, but it’s close to impossible to get a good mark if your essay is written with spelling or grammar mistakes. Luckily, there are a lot of spell-checkers available online, so you can correct all the errors in one click now. Don’t neglect this step: the overall impression is made up of many factors, and literacy is always one of them.

Check Plagiarism

This would be the obvious fact for you if you wrote at least one academic paper in the past: all the papers are checked for plagiarism at schools, and there is no chance to pass if you plagiarized even a small part. So, first of all, make sure you write your own thoughts and arguments, even if you are using sources, and, secondly, always check an essay for plagiarism using one of the online services before you submit it — sometimes, the thoughts that seem so unique are considered as plagiarism by the checking software.